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Why Meso Zeaxanthin in your eye care and brain health supplements:

  1.  Meso Zeaxanthin is found in the center of the retina as a natural selection
  2. Some say that Meso Zeaxanthin, limited in the human diet, is converted from Lutein in the eye.  There are 12% of the populations that do not perform this process.
  3. Lutein is found in the outer area of the retina and Zeaxanthin is the next closest to the retina
  4. Without proper Meso Zeaxanthin the retina looks like a volcano rather than a mountain of carotenoids.
  5. The puzzle of the eye content has three components and most would agree that the human diet is insufficient to assist in protecting the eye and brain tissue with current levels of carotenoids consumed. 
  6.  Lutein alone is a far less successful antioxidant than the three carotenoids together as Meso Zeaxanthin, when combined with Lutein and Zeaxanthin, is 140% more effective as an antioxidant than lutein alone, Bernstein et al.


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About Us

Our team of world class researchers and scientists has dedicated entire careers to the study of Macular Carotenoids, their function in the eye and the composition of the eye.  We have the most ongoing publications about the three macular carotenoids in the industry by 6 fold in the last five years.  Research backed by our group has been prime research of Lutein, discoverers or Zeaxanthin and Meso Zeaxanthin(MZ). 

MZ is one of the three pigments found in the fovea region, the other two being Lutein (L) and Zeaxanthin (Z), and known as macular pigment (MP).  MZ is the central macular pigment and is selected by the body to one of the three vital carotenoids in the eye.

As an ongoing part of several international societies dedicated to researching the eye and carotenoids, our science board has created carotenoid blends which are the most complete patented carotenoid blends available on the market.

With the availability of Lutein Plus with MZ™ and Lutein Plus™, we have the entire package of flexible deliveries for inclusion in cutting edge science based formulas for capsules, soft gels and functional foods.  These blends are complete macular pigment products set to mimic the eyes ration of macular pigment.

Our manufacturing group has been involved in carotenoids for over 45 years. 

We have marketed and derived the ingredient blends from the best sources for the highly researched total carotenoid ingredient blend on the market. The basis for the ingredient products is to be the most complete, most competitive pricing and dedicated product for the improvement of the category and offerings.

Contact us for formulation assistance, the most complete eye care carotenoids available in a convenient blend.